Making the Most Out of What You Have

We went 1500 feet but it was a good work out and it also made me realize just how out of shape I am. Need to do something about that.

One of the things I've learned to do whenever I hike is to appreciate the beauty of what surrounds me. Nature is beautiful especially in its purest form. There is something about the abundance of green that can magically transform you into a new dimension of you. It's just incredibly peaceful and really the closest thing you will ever get to heaven on Earth.

What I noticed, however, is just how more beautiful the mountains in the Philippines is than the mountain in the U.S. It's the same thing with beaches, U.S. doesn't even come close. The reason I have come to love hiking is the beauty that Philippine mountains reward me with beauty I never thought is possible on Earth. Nature has just a different way of creating beauty, man can never measure up to it. A single sweep of nature's airbrush and it produces roses of different colors and trees brown trunk that looks like an entrance to paradise.

Mt. Malepunyo, Mt. Al-Al and Mt.Batulao

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The mountains of US are also beautiful but it doesn't have the same lush and intricate beauty as that of the Philippine mountains.

Philippine waters don't even hide their beautiful coral reefs. Go to Puerto Galera and you'll be able to enjoy coral reefs and different types of fish within a few feet from the shore. You have to search deep and far of the US water to find a tenth of the beauty of Philippine waters.

Sta. Monica Canyons

The one thing, however, the US has that the Philippines doesn't is the appreciation for what it has. US takes care of the little that they have. They take care of their mountains that they are able to preserve, if not improve, the beauty of their forest. Even the hikers are disciplined enough and caring enough to pick up whatever thrash they find in the trail. They stay within the trail and they respect the forest enough to keep their voices low and actually make contributions, no matter how little, when they hike.

The U.S. open their hiking spots to everyone. They take great pains in creating a trail and a group that ensure the safety of hikers. It allows people to go there anytime, without a lot of preparation and still feel safe. It makes their nature more accessible and easier to appreciate.

When I reached the peak and take several minutes to appreciate the beauty of nature, I felt a tinge of sadness. I couldn't help but remember the mountains of the Philippines and how much more beautiful it was (hopefully "is"). U.S. mountains aren't even close.

Yet, we managed to lose more than 54,000 hectares of forests in a 20-year period. The U.S. lost approximately 7,687,000 hectares of forest in a 20-year period but they reforested more than 7,687,000 hectares in the same period. The Philippines is planting 50 hectares of land each year.

We have been given so much beauty and we are wasting it.


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