Things I Wish They Taught Us in School

My elementary school screwed me bad. My high school screwed me worse.

My teachers in elementary made fun of me a lot because I was the fattest in school. They also never taught my school mates that people should look beyond someone's size. I guess it was because I was so fat, they literally couldn't look beyond me.

That's not all, they never made me love learning. I never saw nor felt how wonderful it is to learn and discover new things.

When I was in high school, a teacher and several classmates spread the rumor I was lesbian. All my friends stopped being my friend... literally. It lasted for several months. Don't worry, all is forgiven now.

But there more important things which I wish they taught us.

1) How to say goodbye to someone who still loves you but you don't love anymore.

2) How to tell your friend the person he is in love with is the wrong person for him and you're the better person.

3) How to tell a friend her boyfriend is cheating on her.

4) How to heal a broken heart.

5) How to love someone the right way.

6) How to know when "okay" means "okay" or something else.

7) How to make a decision that will make the person you love happy

8) How to face the truth when it is painful.

9) How to be happy when everything is going wrong.

10) How to forgive.

11) How to know when will never leave you.

12) How to  win a child's affection.

13) How to make the most out of every moment.

14) How to gather that 2 minutes of courage so you can change your life.

15) How to know when something or someone is worth it.


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