Dinner with Imelda Marcos

I like weird people so when I had the chance to have dinner with the former first lady, Imelda Marcos, I was excited. Aside from the fact that I find her extremely beautiful, I have also heard of her eccentricities and I wanted to experience exactly how eccentric she was.

We had dinner at Manila Pen. I can't say what it was about. If I say it, I will have to kill you.

She was quiet in the beginning but right after the main course was served she started talking. She started with a warm up, calling us all by our first name which was impressive considering we were introduced only once. She asked us about our food and work before proceeding to what she really wanted.

She said, "You know what's more important than food?"

You could hear our hearts beat. I literally stopped chewing. Is this a freakin' trick question? There are very few... very freakin' few things God made a necessity... so food is not a priority among the priorities? The fuq my teacher didn't teach that!

"I hope this is not grade," I said... not out loud of course.

"Beauty," she said.

And here I was thinking water.


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