Funniest People that Never Fail to Make Me Laugh

When I'm feeling down and lonely, I turn to several people to make me laugh. I think they are some of the greatest stand-up comic the world has ever seen.

Russell Peters

He is the best when it comes to describing stereotypes and has an astounding ability to imitate accents of different people. He has gone from describing how Asians' penchant for hitting their children should be imitate by the Westerners to talking about how the King of some country pranked him when hew was in the airport to how his b@lls went all the way to his intestines when he rode a military plane.

Jon Stewart

He has one of the most intelligent humor on Earth. He digs up actual events and use that to support his claims that politicians are not just crazy, they are also stupid and plainly disgusting. It's amazing how accurate and reasonable he is.

Lucas Brothers

They are relatively new in the mainstream stand-up comic industry but their appearance in Jimmy Fallon introduced them to the public well. They are twins and their act consist primarily of dissing themselves and their family.


The TV show. Ten years... ten years they were a part of my life and after how many years of absence and countless re-watching, they still floor me.


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