Dinner with Imelda Marcos Part 2

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And so dinner went on and she went on.

Right about the time when I was starting to recover from the "beauty is more important than food" part, she started talking again.

She called me by my name. I was impressed considering, no one told her my name. She must have a link to the FBI or something.

I stopped chewing and looked at her. It was a monumental part of my life, the girl with 7,000 pairs of shoes just called my name. No one with 7,000 pairs of shoes ever called my name.

"You know," she said. "I don't believe in those people who keep on leaning to the left."

She was referring to the (leftists and rightists).

"I believe in balance," she said.

That makes sense, I have to admit. Balance is always good.

"Because when you turn to the left... and then make another turn to the left... and then another turn to the left... you know what you will make?" She asked.

'An extremely leftist principle' was my best guess.

She took a deep breath and said, "A triangle."

Of course... what the fuck was I thinking?


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