Who Will Take Care of You When You Grow Old?

I have to have children. Otherwise, no one will take care of me when I grow old. 

That's right. People should have children so that they'll have someone to take care of them when they grow old because children are born to become their parents' caregivers gaddamit.

But of course I can't tell my parents that whenever they remind me that I need to have children or grow old alone and sick with nothing but effin' YouTube and pirated DVDs to keep me company lest they will think I will not take care of them when they grow old and get sick.

I love my parents and I will never leave their side no matter what happens but I will do it because I love them, not because of gratitude and obligation. It certainly doesn't mean I think it is any child's resume.

I mean, don't you think that's unfair?

I may be unreasonable to some but it is true that no one really gets to choose whether or not we get to be born and exist in this world because if we all know what we are getting into, I'm pretty sure there's a number of us who would go through this shit.

It is a beautiful world and there are lots of beautiful people but we all know things can get pretty ugly. It's pretty darn hard to just survive for some of us, let alone be expected to take care of anyone.

When I do have my own children (yes I want children, biological or otherwise), I will bring them up and nurture them to be good people, happy, kind, and compassionate. I will make the most out of being his/her/their mother and bestfriend.

When the time comes for them to live their own lives, I will let them go and not expect them to come back to look after me when I am dying. Having them would be privilege enough. That's would be the greatest gift God would give me despite the extremely screwed up life I am living. I wouldn't be asking for anything else except my children's happiness and well being.

Again, it is not to say that I will not take care of my parents. I love them to death but I just can't take hearing anyone tell me that I should hurry up, get married and get pregnant because my clock is running out and I need to have children so I'll have someone to take care of me.

My children will become who they ever want to be and do whatever they want to do. They won't be my caregiver. 


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