How Do You Survive Being 30 and Single?

She is 4 months away from being 30 and she talks like she is approaching 70.

It was a funny question to ask, also frustrating and a little stupid but also very real.

Everyone lives their life young and then one day, you're 30. You are not young anymore. How do you suddenly become "old" when all you ever did was be young since you were born?

I don't really remember how I felt when I turned 30. I must have been too busy working to notice or it must have been so depressing that I wiped that chapter of my life. What I do remember is the life I live following that day.

What made get through spending the rest of my life being old?

Bigger dreams 

You have 30 years of foundation, 30 years of experience, 30 years of wisdom.

The advice I would have given my high school me.

Get out of that comfort zone and challenge yourself to dream bigger. It's not enough that you buy a condominium in the city, it's time you buy a house in LA. You did well becoming the Vice President of Nestle in the Philippines, now aim for a regional position. An MBA is great, now go and get a Doctorate degree in the UK.

Do it!

Quit your job.
Travel the world.
Travel alone.
Talk to strangers.
Watch a movie alone.
Get a dog.
Adopt a kid.
Pursue that hobby which is really your passion.
Learn how to play the piano.
Learn how to swim.
Study Aikido.
Break up with your boyfriend.
Apologize to that girl you bullied in high school.
Go back to your high school and rub your success to the face of the teacher that insulted you.

Change. Change towards what you love.
Be crazy. Just for once.

You're 30. You have the perfect excuse.

It all boils down to moments

Things happen when you are given 30 years, a lot of it you would rather not have happened but there's also a lot more there you wouldn't have traded for the world and these are mine...

... when we checked out of the hospital for the last after my niece completed 2 and half years of chemotherapy
... when I heard my father told my mother "I love you" for the first time I knew what I was hearing
... seeing my name in the movie credits for the first time
... getting on a plane for the first time
... getting my first pay cheque
... attending my first concert
... buying a gift for my parents using my own money for the first time
... the first time I floated in open water
... the first time I realized I could quit my job and I'm not worried
... seeing my niece celebrate her 18th birthday
... every Christmas I spend with my family
... hearing public officials, businessmen and other personalities deliver speeches I wrote
... reaching the top of Mt. Malepunyo
... feeling a school fish feed from my hand
... proving those who thought I'd get pregnant at college wrong

There's a lot more. Most are small moments and a few big ones. Some are egoistic but more are intimate moments with my family.

I wouldn't exchange that for the world. I wouldn't exchange those moments for another 30 years of youth... not a chance.


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