Somewhere in Between

The only "family" I have here is my friend since high school. We have always been close.

She's generous and kind. She has taken me in like a sister since I got here. Part of her "sisterly" thing is to have me join her close group of friends in their out of town adventures. She's a year older than I am and married. So are her friends. 

In fact, their children are all grown up, except for one. They are all in their early to late 40s. We went out of town and we used two cars. The other car is where the teeners were. Naturally, I went with my friend, in the "oldies" car. 

I have always pride myself for being able to "dig" into any interest from any generation. After all, I grew up listening to The Beatles and Elvis. I like both and a bunch of other songs and stuff from their generation. 

That's why I didn't expect to feel so out of place the minute they started playing songs from the 50s. I swear to god, I wanted to laugh so hard because for the first time since I hit 25, I felt oh so very young. 

They started talking about how the songs are related to how they met and how their love stories developed. 

After about 20 minutes, I really wanted to listen to some rock music. If someone offered me Maroon 5, damn, I'd take it.

As we traversed the 100 mile highway, it suddenly hit me that I can't possibly move to the other car either. I would make the kids there feel uncomfortable considering they are all at least half my age. 

Sure, I listen to the same music they listen to and watch the same movies they like. My interests are still "in tune" with the times. I know these young singers, these young actors, these new trends and I like some of them. 

Heck I probably know more about the mainstream culture of the these young people more than they do. But in their eyes, I'm a 33-year-old woman they call their "tita" or "ate". 

I'm not quite there and not quite here.

I can't ride with the young ones anymore but I don't share the same interest as the old ones.

I am in that awkward phase, that time when I am too young to do old things but too old to be with the young ones.


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