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There has to be at least one.

If you're single, financially stable and in the Philippines, it seems like an unwritten mandate that you support one of your siblings or nieces or nephews to school.

I am not sure how it happened. I just did. Every single person I met in my career with a "great career" has that one scholar.

People around us started making babies without a rat's ass clue on how they will support the child's future and they proceeded anyway. Then somehow, they manage to find someone in their life who is single and earns money to enjoy the life of being single. Most of the time, it's a relative so it becomes some sort of an emotional obligation for that relative to care for the said child with uncertain future.

Usually, it happens in stages. First, it's just money to pay for part of the tuition. The next year, they'll ask that you pay for the full fee and they'll pay you back. Of course, they'll never pay you back. In fact, the next year, they'll ask if you could pay for part of the kid's allowance too.

Before you know it, it becomes your obligation to pay for everything the kid consumes. 

Not that you are expected to get anything out of it. When they do start working and earning money for themselves, they are expected to help their parents who actually didn't spend on their education.

Expecting a kid to someday give money to their parents is ridiculous in itself. Children should live their own lives for themselves and not for their parents.

It becomes even more ridiculous that the ridiculous culture dictates that children end up helping their parents who didn't spend for their education while us, the old single people, who were supposed to be in no obligation to put these children to school but did so just because we want to help will grow old and end up in some home for aging people.
Not that it doesn't have its rewards. It does feel good knowing that despite and beyond the selfish life of a single successful person, you are able to make one life a little better. 

Yes, that's you're reward. You put someone to school so that someday he or she can help her parents who were irresponsible enough to bear a child without knowing how to support them.

Wonder effin' ful.


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