Matandang Dalaga in the West

That's the thing about being in a Western country.

33 is not old around here.

I don't feel like a matandang dalaga at all... except when I am around other people from back home who grew up back home and migrated here late in their life.

Here, people finish college at 23, that is if they finish it at all. Most of the time, they take longer because they have to come up with their own money to pay for college.

If they want it cheap, their diploma will be cheap. If they want quality, they need lots of $$$ to have it.
Here, it's common for people to still be "figuring" things out when they are on their 30s. 20s was expected to be a time for being young. 30 is when you begin.

For once in my life, I had a guy tell me, "God, you're so young."

I literally wanted to laugh out loud and ask, "What drugs are you on and may I have some?"


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