Fortune Tellers, Faith, Destiny and Control

When I was still in my teens, an amateur fortune teller told me three things that stuck to me:
  • I will have four boyfriends. I will break up with the first one, the 2nd and third will dump me and the fourth will marry me
  • My first child will be separated from me
  • I will spend majority of my life trying to leave the country

I am not sure how accurate it is but he is correct on the first and second boyfriends. I am still waiting for the third and fourth.

I don't have a child yet but I have always considered my sister my own. If that is true, he is right. I am away from her and will always be because she will never be biologically mine.

I didn't spend majority of my life trying to leave the country. I spent 3 years trying to leave the country and finally made it out. At some point, I actually stopped trying because I was happy back home.

Then, stars aligned and I found myself with enough money and enough freedom to pursue a new life, a life I once wanted but I didn't "spend" most of my life chasing that dream to leave and start a new life in another country.

It was all of three years and that's broken three years.

Now, the question is whether or not I will succeed in having the life I want here.

That's the part I forgot to ask the amateur fortune teller. Being able to reach the "start" point is different from being able to finish the race... successfully.

However, alone in this house at this hour in this cold morning made me wonder... how much of what he "foretold" will turn out to be true? How much of what he said was actually true?

Are there people really gifted with the ability to see one's future? If so, how does the images come to them?

How much of what they say will influence the future we will make for ourselves?

Have you ever had a fortune teller read your fortune to you? Did you believe him/her? Did the fortune prove to be true?


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