Do You Know How Painful It Was?

For more than 17 years I worked like there was no tomorrow. I was 18 when I entered the workforce and a month into my first job, I was working at least 12 hours everyday. By the time I was 20, I was working 16 hours a day.

It was the only way I could make enough money to pay for the house I bought and eat TWICE a day. I couldn't afford to eat three times. I had to settle for Pancit Canton or egg because I didn't have money to buy other dish. I was eating so unhealthily that I ended up 20 pounds overweight and sick by the time I was 21.

I couldn't buy my own clothes that I had to borrow from my mom. My boss actually scolded me for wearing worn out clothes. How could I have told him I had no money to buy new ones?

I had to do it because I lived my whole life in the basement of my grandmother's house who hated me and my mother with passion. I had to move my family out of the house because I wanted to give my parents some dignity and pride.

I had to work long hours because it was the only way I could earn enough money to live and retain what every is left of my self respect.

My salary was Php16,000. Php3,000 went to TAX. I was bringing home  Php13,000 and my monthly amortization was Php10,000.

There were days when I just had to walk from my office to my house just as so I will have enough money to for fare from my house to my office.

I couldn't buy healthy food nor could I afford to ride the jeepney. All that I had to go through just as so Napoles and more than half of our senators could earn millions for their luxury cars, vacations and mistresses.

Shit right?


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