Greetings from an Old Maid (Matandang Dalaga)

... and so here I am.

A 33-years old single woman living in the Philippines.

I have had some amount of success in my career. Yes, that's plural, thank you very much.

I have traveled the world, met interesting people, experienced different cultures, and saw remarkable things in all sizes, shapes and colors.

I own my own house, drive my own car, and pay for whatever I buy with my own money... money that worked and continue to work hard for.

I provide for my family and the families of my family.

People come to me for help financially, emotionally, and for some other stuff in their life.

I give back as much as I can whenever I can.

I'm doing alright, by all accounts.

Yet, the most famous question people ask me is 'when are you getting married?'.

... because marriage is all that matters, gaddamit.

You just gotta love this country.

... and this is how to be a matandang dalaga in the Philippines


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